Integrity Group Perth

Transferring our skills

We are unique.  We are working toward making ourselves redundant.  It makes sense to us to do this as we believe the best people for the job are those who benefit from its success.  We’re building capacity within Aboriginal communities.  We’re not just saying it – we’re doing it.

As a parent, I am the best person to be making decisions for my family – it’s the same for your family too.  It makes no sense to have an outsider, often with different cultural backgrounds, priorities and aspirations to be making decisions for me.  It’s important I guide and nurture my family – it’s the same for you and your family too.

Phase 1: approximately 3-6 months

We administer and distribute your trust funds in consultation with: your board, your Trustee (for compliance) and your investment partner.   While we administer and distribute, you will engage and employ your staff and set your business structure ensuring you are compliant.

Phase 2: approximately 6-12 months

Our staff will work with your staff both in our office and in yours.  We will transfer our skills to you offering 1:1 training, mentoring and peer support.  Our programs have been tried and tested and we have developed specific programs tailored to provide the best processes at every level.  All our programs are cloud-based.  This allows you to work in very remote areas.

Phase 3:  12-18 months

We will mentor you ensuring you have a strong and confident grasp of the Executive Office concept so it operates at its fullest capacity.

We have a proven record for success as we deliver services in South Australia, West Australia, the South West and Pilbara regions