Integrity Group Perth

Member Benefits Program
The foundation

Following the completion of the Strategic and Annual Plan, which is led and driven by the Aboriginal community, The Integrity Group will administer the Member Benefits Program in line with any relevant Deeds, Agreements and Guidelines.

We work closely with the Trustee or Agent who have their own obligations and functions under the Trust Deeds

We have immense experience and expertise in this field and have a proven track record for success. We work in a unique why that brings effective consultation and true participation from Aboriginal Community groups and stakeholders.

The Members

Our processes are timely, streamlined and without duplication. We use effective methods of communication with Members so that they are fully aware of the status of their communications with our office.

Making your Trust dollars going further

We maximise your Trust dollars.  We do this by ensuring we have a good grasp of what government and public funds are available and use these relationships to leverage all possible: scholarship, education, business and health opportunities.  We work with families and individuals so they are using other funds before yours.

We have a strong range of suppliers and preferred providers. They have all “sharpened their pencil” to provide their best price. As a result we enjoy a line of credit with very competitive rates. This provides value for money and the knock-on effect means that Groups and Corporations can capitalize on our financial negotiations.


  • ensure that appropriate operational policies are developed, implemented and monitored.
  • ensure that financial, capital and human resources are managed in accordance with the Group’s policies and procedures
  • ensure the consistent implementation of strategies and initiatives designed to enhance the capability and capacity of members, managers, staff and stakeholders.
  • ensure performance management processes are regularly completed and that development and personal plans are in place for all members
  • ensure appropriate risk management processes and policies are in place and operational.
  • ensure that good governance is practiced and maintained through regular training, planning, monitoring and management.
  • we provide all correspondence and communication in a manner which is appropriate, thorough and reaches its audience.