Integrity Group Perth

Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for administering and distributing Trust funds according to your Guidelines.

Your Guidelines are developed by your Trust Advisory Council in accordance with your communities aspirations and goals.

We work with a number of Trustee’s whose job it is to ensure your Trust complies with Legislation, ORIC Rules, and your Constitution, as well as your ILUA.

We have a handful of trusted investment partners who have worked with Aboriginal Groups maximising their investments ensuring you are getting the best value for money.

Integrity supports the concept of a Future Fund.  It supports today’s Aboriginal Leaders, so that they can provide for tomorrow’s strong financial future.

In addition, The Integrity Group management team provides a number of professional roles.

The two key elements of our services are:

  • Strategic and Annual planning processes, reporting, risk management, audit, business effectiveness, administration and other such functions; and
  • Financial leadership, Investment, Business Development and Joint Venture, Joint Development, as well as Personal Planning so that Members maximise their allocations through royalties